Green Cosa Flex Set
Green Cosa Flex Set
Green Cosa Flex Set
Green Cosa Flex Set
Green Cosa Flex Set
Green Cosa Flex Set
Green Cosa Flex Set

Green Cosa Flex Set

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You will feel more comfort and comfort than ever before in your every move in the hectic pace of the day, with the formula of the comfortable style, produced by master tailors with the highest quality materials, bringing comfort to the focal point, and the flexible and soft texture of the breathable, sweat-proof COSA Cotton Flex with Lycra.


Cotton Flex Lycra fabric; It consists of 60% Cotton, 35% Polyester and 5% Lycra. Cotton Flex fabric is woven from imported yarn weighing 125 GR/M2.

- The fabric used prevents you from sweating thanks to its breathable texture.
The product provides comfort and convenience together with its light, breathable porous texture and flexible structure with lycra.
-COSA Flex Basics Lycra surgical suits are specially produced for both men and women.
-Does not shrink when washed,
- Color does not fade when machine washed at 30°C without using bleach and dried out of direct sunlight.
It offers easy ironing at medium temperatures.

Product Detail;
COSA Flex Basics surgical suits, top jersey and bottom pants are made of the same fabric and color.

-Basic Fit
-Short sleeve
It has 3 pockets, 2 on the bottom and 1 on the chest.

-Basic Fit
-Narrow leg
-High waist
-Fully elastic waistband
It has 3 pockets, 2 on the front and 1 on the back.


Beden  Aralıklı Beden Tablosu
XXS 34-36
XS 36-38
S 38-40
M 40-42
L 42-44
XL 44-46


* Erkek kullanıcılarımız için Cosa Flex Basics ve Cosa Terikoton Basics modellerimizde günlük kullanımda tercih ettiği bedeni, Cosa Comfort modelimiz için ise günlük kullanımda tercih ettiği bedenin 1 beden büyüğü tercih edilmelidir.

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